They first joined with a family membership in 1987 where their family was a part of the summer day camp program.

Michael and Barbara can be seen coming in 2-3 times per week to play racquetball together which is a big part of their re-engagement into the YMCA community in 2007 (racquetball courts were added after their original membership).

They always have smiles on their faces and enjoy having conversations with the staff at the welcome center.

Both have a great sense of humor with others and well as with themselves.

When asked why they enjoy playing racquetball, they said it was a fun exercise and they can do it together. Further, they indicated that they are both a little competitive when they play. Most important though is that they can laugh with each. They have a “work hard, play hard” attitude!
They have also been active with some of the cardio equipment (rowing machines and treadmills), lifting weights and have also done a little personal training. They have also tried the Tai Chi class with Lynette Murphy.

Barbara also has volunteered as a substitute yoga instructor for healthy back yoga, chair yoga, and yoga flow for the past two years. She has had an appreciative member response of her teaching. Many have commented on how she does a great job of explaining the benefits of various yoga moves and takes the time to explain moves thoroughly. When asked what her favorite part of teaching yoga was, she replied, “Seeing the relaxed looks on their faces at the end of class”. Barbara has been teaching and practicing yoga for twenty years.

Michael and Barbara have seen many changes with staff, facilities, and programs. They were quick to say that the positive constant has been Rich Sloan who has been the Welcome Center Membership Advisor/Representative for 30 years. They also feel that the Executive Director, Dave Burckhard, has been very connected with the Tempe YMCA members.

Michael and Barbara enjoy many things outside of the YMCA. They play golf and tennis and enjoy walking and riding bikes along the canal. They fly fish out of float tubes in the White Mountains which they say is “very zen”. Michael and Barbara also enjoy practicing yoga and clay target shooting together.

The theme for Michael and Barbara is “together”. They enjoy embracing life as a couple. This fun couple cares about the YMCA and the people who work and play at the YMCA. They are not afraid to give feedback on how the YMCA can improve because they truly want it to be the best.