Twas a while before Christmas and all through the Y

Group Fitness classes were rocking, enthusiasm so high.

The flywheels are spinning, the cadences purring,

The Zumba folks a shakin’, the feet just a stirring.

The waves in the water jump over the dock,

Group Power muscles pumping, wow do they rock!

Group Active is Stepping, Group Core’s holding plank;

The classes that are offered – they’re at the top of the rank.

Centergy is packed, Jump Starts packing them in;

There’s so many class options, just where to begin?

Ease into Yoga, downward dog ~ strike a pose;

When the music kicks in – the excitement just grows.

Sure there are options competitors want you to try,

But don’t waste your time – when it’s all at the Y.

With 17 locations and websites for all,

Your Y family visit may begin with a call.

Better yet take the family walk through the door,

At your nearest YMCA – what awaits you is so much more!

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