Valley YMCA Cares 2016

Valley Cares LogoMake a gift to the Y’s working poor initiative, Valley YMCA Cares, and get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit—up to $800 for married couples, up to $400 for singles— against what you owe in state taxes. If you don’t owe state taxes, your donation will come back to you as a refund! This is a great way to help deserving people in your community at no extra cost to you.

How A Tax Credit Works

A tax credit is not a tax deduction…it’s better! A tax deduction simply lowers the amount of income that your tax is based on. But a tax credit directly reduces the amount of tax you owe. It gives you a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your tax liability. A tax credit of $800, for instance, lowers your tax bill by $800.

How Your Donation Will Be Used

Donations to Valley YMCA Cares will provide educational programs, childcare and other badly needed services for the working poor…people who still struggle to make ends meet. And, if you choose to, you can earmark your gift to your local Y community.

How To Take Advantage Of The Tax Credit

  1. Make a donation to the Y’s working poor initiative, Valley YMCA Cares. We’ll provide you with a receipt for your taxes.
  2. File your 2016 state income taxes and claim the amount of your donation (up to $800 for married couples, up to $400 for singles) using AZDOR Form 321. This form is available on the Arizona Department Of Revenue’s website,

For more information about the Valley YMCA Cares initiative for the working poor, please contact

For more information about the Valley of the Sun YMCA, please visit

Marie’s Transformation Through the Y

The YMCA has been a blessing for my family. As a single mother, the majority of my work earnings were going towards daycare costs and essentials for my children, with limited funds for anything else. The daycare I could afford was sub-par and did not provide my children with the attention they needed to learn and grow. We were unable to get ahead and I was concerned about my sons’ development. Financial assistance from the YMCA has allowed my two boys to attend a high quality preschool—they are growing and thriving! I have been able to further my education and pursue my nursing degree with confidence. Thanks to the YMCA, I am able to move forward and provide a better life for my family.

To help people like Marie, designate your gift to the Chandler/Gilbert Family YMCA, the Flagstaff Family YMCA, the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley Family YMCA, or the Yuma Family YMCA

Rose’s Transformation Through the Y

Rose came to the Y Residence Program because of a bad living situation. She recently had moved to Phoenix from New York and unfortunately trusted the wrong people to move in with in Phoenix, and found herself on the street. She had money to pay the monthly rent but needed a place she could feel safe. She stayed with us for 2 months and wrote these words the day she checked out: “Thank you for helping me get back on my feet. I appreciate and am grateful of the Lincoln Family YMCA! What a blessing it has been for me. I will always remember my time at the YMCA and you and the staff.

To help people like Rose, designate your gift to the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA

Karen’s Transformation Through the Y

I just stopped caring about my future. I was raised in a poor family that struggled to have a steady income. I didn’t have a father growing up; I struggled to stay focused in school. I guess that is why I stopped caring about my education. I then realized that I can’t keep blaming my past or making up excuses. I decided to stop smoking and selling drugs and returned to school (Y-Achievers GED program). My mind is set on making my dreams, my goals come true. I will be the first in my family to go to college, the first to make something out of myself. I am refocused on my goal of becoming a nurse and helping others. One day I’ll took back at this and realize it was the best choice I have ever made.

To help people like Karen, designate your gift to the Community Initiatives YMCA

Patricia's Transformation Through the Y

From lonely to lively, from alone to alive is how my life has been changed by YOPAS. I was completely alone when my brother, who was my roommate and who helped me, suddenly passed away four years ago. YOPAS has truly become my family. The services and reassurance they provide go well beyond transportation and shopping assistance. My serious health problems have escalated steadily in the four years since I joined, and they have been with me every step of the way, helping me deal with the physical and emotional challenges. I was very worried and apprehensive about an upcoming major surgery. One of the volunteers came to the hospital a few hours before the surgery, and another asked her mother (whom I had met several times) to come because she had to work. Both stayed with me right up until the surgery, which made a huge difference in my emotional state. The difference belonging to this group has made in my life is remarkable--literally giving me back joy and friendship. Their friendship, compassion and caring gave me back my spirit, my zest and the gift of laughter.

To help people like Patricia, designate your gift to the Ahwatukee/Foothills Family YMCA

DISCLAIMER: The Valley of the Sun YMCA is not a tax advisor. Please contact a qualified tax professional for advice on your specific tax situation.

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