Governor Ducey enacted an executive order that once again requires us to temporarily pause a portion of our operations beginning June 30, for a period of at least 30 days to slow the spread of COVID-19. While this order does impact our fitness operations, gymnasiums and pools, it does not impact the majority of our programs – and it is through our programs that we are able to offer the services that meet our members and neighbors at the heart of where they need us most. You already know – the Y is so much more than a gym!

With your continued support, the Y will continue to operate:


  • As back-to-school plans become more uncertain, the Y’s role in child care continues to be at the forefront of what so many of our members need. In addition to combating summer learning loss, we are committed to ensuring that the children in our care are engaged, happy and safe. This means that all child care operations will continue with all appropriate social distancing, cleaning and safety protocols in effect. Hours of operation will remain the same and more information is available at


  • We know that families rely on us to not only provide supervision, but often times, meals for their children while they aren’t in school. The Y will continue to assist food-insecure youth this summer by providing meals and snacks to all children in our care.


  • Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a robust virtual experience loaded with fitness content for our members to use at home. Please visit the Virtual Y page to explore various workouts, along with family activities for your enjoyment.
  • Visit our Facebook page for live streamed workouts to get your blood pumping and your body moving at home!
  • Please be sure to also download and check our mobile app for various challenges to engage with your community.


  • We know that seniors remain one of the most at-risk populations for COVID-19 and even as we reopened, many of our senior members weren’t ready to come back just yet. As such, we will continue our senior outreach program to connect with those who need a supportive friend or voice during this uncertain time.


  • As the YMCA also provides transitional housing and a safe space to live for several Downtown Phoenix residents, we will continue to operate the Y’s only remaining residence at the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA.


  • The Valley of the Sun YMCA will continue to provide adult and youth career services through this uncertain time; providing one-on-one counseling for resume building and job search assistance.

As you know, the response and preventative measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community is an ever-changing, and often reactive practice. As a non-profit often caught in the cycle of mandates and changes, we are doing our very best to be there for you in every way we know how. Thank you for your continued support – we realize that patience can wear thin – but know that we are truly in this together!

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