Whole Health

Improving wellness, transform health – together.

The Valley of the Sun YMCA’s Whole Health Initiative is a collaborative effort that aims to facilitate and support community wellness by making health services more seamless and accessible to all, working with individuals, providers, and payers in three key ways.

    1. Establishing a secure pathway for providers to refer patients to the YMCA’s wellness programs for chronic disease support like diabetes and obesity. This enables ongoing patient care and forms a valuable health partnership.
    2. Hiring and deploying a team of Community Health Workers (CHWs) to guide patients throughout their health journeys, coordinating referrals to outside providers for additional clinical needs. They act as integrated health support, addressing all social determinants of health.
    3. Partnering with Welld, a private, secure referral system to enable regular communication and track health outcomes in YMCA programs, which is accessible to providers and insurers.


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