These help to organize life and keep it from becoming too chaotic. Families often find establishing routines to be challenging but most children do best when they are predictable and consistent.

An important part of a daily routine is connecting as a family at least one time daily. A great way to do this is through a game called Rose, Bud, Thorn at dinnertime and it works well for all ages. Each family member describes something positive or funny (the rose of the day), something negative or difficult (the thorn), and something they hope will happen tomorrow (the bud). It’s a great activity that allows your family to reflect and set goals and offers an alternative to the mundane question of, ‘How was your day?’ Another way to create healthy routines for the family is to get involved in Y programs before or after school that have scheduled activities, time frames and measured achievements. Across our 15 locations, these can include sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and swim team, before and after school care, teen programing including youth & government and of course the many of the healthy living options for mom and dad including personal training and group fitness classes.

The Y also wants to help make August awesome this fall with fun family events featuring interactive activities, free childcare and much, much more. The events are free for our members and we encourage you to come out and enjoy activities with us, as you spend quality time with your family and get healthy together! Each event will have a different theme with member only activities. Come join us for Awesome August!

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