Y Member Spotlight: Kathy MaCabe

Meet Kathy

Kathy holds a special place at the Desert Foothills Family YMCA! If you have ever spent time in the Desert Foothills Family YMCA, you have probably seen Kathy in the gym area or attending our Zumba classes with Shannon.

Her path with the Y began in 2013 when, after knee surgery, she decided to dedicate more time to her mental and physical health. Her sister’s husband used to work for the Y years ago, so that’s why she decided to attend with her sister. During the first few months of exercise and dedication, she realized that her health was improving. She felt she had more energy, was stronger, and that it significantly helped her knee. The first group class she attended was Silver Sneakers. However, a year later, she started to join other group classes.

“I started to watch the fitness classes through the windows, and I said to myself: Maybe I can do that,” Kathy States. And that’s how Kathy began to attend different fitness classes, which have shown her that you don’t need to have a particular level of energy to participate in the class. She has joined Zumba Gold, Zumba, Zumba Circuit, and more!

Kathy began taking virtual classes during the pandemic, which helped her stay fit and safe at home.

She currently comes to the Y four or five days a week, and her favorite class is Zumba Gold. “I love our instructor Shannon! She is amazing, and she has so much energy. It is contagious! She makes you feel good because she is always so happy, so positive. You don’t even realize you are working out because you are having such a good time”. Also, she states: “The people that come are friendly, we chat after our workout.”

“It’s a positive experience coming here. No matter what your level is, your skill level, or your energy level, they [the Y] has something for everyone. It is a very comfortable positive feeling coming here, and it makes me happy being here.”

Kathy is a prime example that coming to the Y can change people’s attitude because everyone at the Y is very positive. People are always encouraging each other, and the instructors she has met made things fun. In her own words: “It is a place where you can meet people, and it is nice to meet people your age. It is a very comfortable positive feeling coming here, and it makes me happy being here.”


If you have a healthy journey story at the Y, and you would like to share it with us, please reach out to our Community Relations Coordinator, Clary Tanner!

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