Q. What prompted you to join or become involved with the YMCA?

A. My husband, Ted, had grown up in the Y and was the one with the Y story in our family. Because of his experience, our kids got involved with swimming and basketball at a young age, and my husband joined the board and encouraged me to take group exercise classes. After he rolled off the board, he suggested I join, and I’ve been on for about five years.

Q. How have you or your family been positively impacted since joining the Y?

A. The healthy-living benefits have had a big impact in my family. My husband used to swim, I’ve done a variety of things and our kids stay active through the sports programs. The best part is the friends we’ve made. We connect with them outside the Y, so it’s not just about what happens here in the Y.

Also, I believe in giving back to the community, and my board involvement allows me to do that, especially by raising funds for the annual campaign. It is extremely rewarding to know that our efforts are helping to ensure that everyone, no matter their financial situation, has the ability to experience all that the YMCA has to offer.

Q. What do you like most about the Y?

A. The people. The members and the staff is what gives you a sense of community. For me, the variety of healthy-living options has been amazing. I’ve been able to do personal training, boot camp and classes. That’s something I really enjoy.

Susan Collins