Check out these stories from Chandler/Gilbert YMCA members.

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“I am a single mother with two boys, and my only income is just $710 a month. At the end of the month, I have hardly any money left after rent, electric, phone and every day necessities are paid for. My chronic illness has impacted my ability work, yet I have a desire to maintain my health as best as I can. Additionally, I recently learned that my son has a learning disability, and requires more hands on attention to keep up with his grades. I found myself searching for a place that could provide the opportunity for me to focus on my health and provide a positive and uplifting environment for my children. I joined the YMCA under the Open Doors scholarship. They worked with me on my unique situation and provided my family and me the opportunity to achieve what we needed: a supportive community that meets our unique needs. I am so thankful for the YMCA, the staff, the teachers, and the instructors for what they do for us.”

Heather H:

“I grew up in the YMCA and love it! I am a single mom and just really needed the help. I work very long hours and had difficulty picking up my daughter from school. My desire was to enroll her into the YMCA after school program so she could be picked up from school, participate in programs, and complete her homework under supervision. I joined the Chandler/Gilbert YMCA under the Open Doors Scholarship program. It is such a weight off my shoulders to know the YMCA is picking her up from school, bringing her to a safe place, and offering her the opportunity to interact with other children her age. The YMCA has had such an impact on my daughter that she is interested in becoming a mentor for other children when she gets older.”

Kelcey Dewey:

I love the Y. So many staff members have inspired me to reach for the stars. There were days when I didn’t want to do anything and when I walked through those double doors, I was met with encouragement and friendly smiles. Thank you!