A success story is everywhere you look when it comes to the YMCA. The Y-Achievers Work Readiness program continues to strive and thrive as these young adults courageously take their futures to new heights.

Twenty-two year old Rey Rodriguez has been an active participant in the work readiness program for nearly a year. She has respectively taken advantage of our outstanding programs and was helped to find a part time job at a local valley YMCA. In 2008, she unfortunately withdrew herself from high school due to family affairs. Though strenuous as her situation might have been, her determination and hard work to finish her studies is most definitely paying off. Rey has been employed at the Glendale/Peoria YMCA since June of 2014 and is most appreciative of her journey.

“I am so grateful to the YMCA for giving me the opportunity to be motivated and appreciative and take the chance to build a better life for me and my family,” Rey said. “They have given me financial stability and I could not have asked for anything more.”

Aside from the work readiness program she manages her time to participate in Mommy Group. It is a workshop within the work readiness program for young mothers and their children. Rey, along side her son two-year-old JoJo, has attended countless meetings for the Mommy Group Workshops. Together they participate in a two-part class involving activities for both mother and child including making puppets, decorating cupcakes and bonding exercises. The classes also included mommy exercises to to promote nurturing, understanding and patience towards their children as well as self love and self respect.

“I am so appreciative of my experience with the YMCA. I hope I can continue to build my life with their support as they are guiding me to grow eternally, as a person and as a mother,” Rey said. “Thank you.”

By Joseph Lewis