I am a stay-at-home mom to three (soon to be four) amazing little ones. I am also a full-time student, which means that I have no problem staying busy! When I decided to make my fitness a priority, I knew a gym with childcare available was a must. At first when I joined the Yuma Family YMCA I was just looking to become a little bit more motivated with my personal fitness goals and to bring some consistency to my workouts.

The YMCA has definitely helped me with that, but it is everything else that really makes me love the YMCA. Initially, I needed the Amazing Kids center to help facilitate my workouts, and as my consistency within my gym going increased, I started noticing how comfortable my children were with coming and staying in the Amazing Kids center. What an added benefit and such a relief! No longer having to feel guilty for taking the much needed time to focus on myself and de-stress, I was able to reach and surpass my fitness goals with the hidden benefit of my little ones being excited and happy to tag along! I enjoy finishing a workout and seeing my children happily playing and making friends with the other “amazing kids.” My husband and I will occasionally take advantage of the Parent’s Night Out. We love that this is a free benefit of our membership, and can’t express how thankful we are to have the YMCA help to facilitate a “date night” for us. It also doesn’t hurt that we get to enjoy the exhausted smiles from our children after a Parent’s Night Out event, we know that they have had a safe and fun time.

The Yuma Family YMCA is such a great place for community and fellowship, one of the places that I really feel the community aspect is within the group fitness classes.

It’s another added benefit that the group fitness classes are included with our family membership. I love the friends and the community I have been able to connect with through taking the group fitness classes. I highly recommend Jen N. and Michael’s spin classes, they are high energy and so much fun! I also really love the barre classes and take advantage of these awesome workouts a few times a week.

My reasons for joining the YMCA were pretty simple and when I first joined the YMCA, I wasn’t expecting much. It was nice to have the gym based childcare, and I knew that would help me reach my fitness goals. Now that we have been members for over a year, I appreciate so much more of what the YMCA does. Not only what the membership offers but what they do in our community. How they have helped me and my family connect with and build within our own community. Thank you.