Hi, everyone. My name is Erica Stewart and my two oldest daughters are currently attending the Yuma Family YMCA before and after school school-age child care program. My family has been Yuma Family YMCA members for the past two years and we absolutely love it!


The YMCA has made so many positive impacts on my families lives. When I first found out the Yuma YMCA offered a before and after school program, I was very excited. Although, I was the mom that asked a million questions before signing up my children and so many more after. The staff were very helpful in making sure to answer all of our questions.


With my husband and I having full time careers, and limited help with family locally, the Yuma Family YMCA staff stepped up and has become like a family. They could meet the before and after school care needs while my kids were still able to go to my Crane school of choice.


In addition, when I picked up my children, they were happy, tired, and homework was completed. Last year, when the summer camp program started, I was worried my children would be bored and not have enough to do throughout a long day. This was not the case. Between field trips, STEM projects, movies, and daily swim lessons, they did not want to miss a day of fun including any day that my husband and I may have off – they preferred to go to the YMCA program instead of spending time with us, their parents.


Although my husband and I are financially stable, we do rely on being on a budget to meet all our needs. I am thankful for the scholarships the YMCA offers to help with my children’s child care fees. Having four children and having each of them in different child care centers does become costly. The YMCA scholarships that are available have helped my family tremendously by helping us stay within our budget all the while by providing my children a safe and fun place to go.


I am looking forward to this summer of 2019 because my son will begin attending with his sisters and he is super excited to go. My son is allergic to peanuts and the YMCA staff have helped make a few changes within their programs to assure that my son will have a great time without worrying about any allergic reactions that may occur.


Anytime I am at barbeques or other local events, I make sure to spread the word about the variety of programs that the Yuma Family YMCA has to offer, especially the before and after school program. Just recently, my family went to a picnic with friends and they were asking questions about after school care for their children. I let them know about my experience and I am hoping they decide to sign up their children with the Yuma Family YMCA.


Thank you YMCA and staff for all you do for the community.

Erica Stewart