Hello fellow Yuma Family YMCA members. My name is Marina Stratford. I am a full-time stay-at-home mother with three beautiful children. As any parent knows, children are a handful. I have been a Yuma Family YMCA member for a little over a year now. The Yuma Family YMCA gives me what I need. It provides that short bit of time every weekday for me to recharge and reset with a little bit of exercise.

I love the YMCA facilities and variety of machines that it provides—treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and weight machines. Before being a member I had never been afforded the opportunity to use any of these, but now they’re part of my everyday life.

Thanks to the Yuma Family YMCA, I have so many different ways to improve myself.

While the machines are great, my favorite part of being a member is attending the classes. The barre classes give me a total body workout. I love to dance, and the high energy attitude and fun atmosphere of the Zumba classes make those one-hour workouts go by in the blink of an eye. I was nervous at first to work out in front of and with a group of people, but the YMCA’s atmosphere made it comfortable and, most importantly, fun.

I am most grateful to the kind and caring ladies that work in the YMCA childcare. Kids are a lot of work, and my youngest, who is 18 months old, is especially wild. However, he absolutely adores the ladies at the YMCA. They greet me and my little toddler by name. They comfort him when he starts to miss his mommy. I’ve come back from my workouts many times to find the childcare employees holding and playing with him. I am happy to say that he too is excited to visit the YMCA every morning.
My two older children are also fans of the YMCA. I love to take them there in the summer when they’re on school break. This helps keep them busy and occupied while keeping them out of that lovely Yuma summer heat.

The Yuma Family YMCA has so many opportunities we have not taken advantage of yet. My husband and I are excited to take advantage of Parents Night Out, where the staff will watch the children while we get some time to ourselves.

The Yuma Family YMCA has helped me find balance and change my life. Thanks to the Yuma Family Y, I am finding time to improve my life with some dieting and discipline. I am losing weight and getting stronger and healthier. I see improvements both physically and mentally. I honestly cannot remember when I last felt this healthy and fit.