Before coaching at the Maryvale YMCA, he had over 30 years of coaching experience back in his home state of New York. His strong New York roots have stuck with him after all these years and he still recalls his lessons from coaches growing up. These coaches instilled so many values in him as a young man and he is thankful for their impact on him. Specifically his former coach, Mr. F was vital in his decision to become a youth basketball coach. Mr. F made a lasting impact on Renny and believed in him when a lot of others did not. The only thing Mr. F asked for in return was for a young Renny to pay it forward to the next generation when that time came. Renny has done that about three times over now.… Read More

I want to thank all of you for your continued support of the Maryvale Family YMCA. Our members are our most important resource. For those of you I have not met, I invite you in to stop by my office and introduce yourselves. I welcome your input on what we are doing well and what areas we can improve. I want to make our Y the best it can be.… Read More

Community Initiatives is proudly partnered with the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona. Through this valuable partnership, low-wage families and parents can receive emergency diapers that federal programs otherwise do not cover. Often times, low-wage families struggle to have the means to buy or change diapers as often as they would like. With help from the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona, we can assist low income families by giving them much needed diaper assistance.

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Alan Sailsbury is a father of five children, and to say he is always busy would be an understatement. His kids are 4, 7, 9, 10 and 11, which pretty much means he and his wife have their hands full.… Read More

When Maricela began taking Zumba classes, it was initially to get healthy and have fun, but she never realized what an impact it would make on her life. Now she’s a Zumba instructor at the Maryvale YMCA, and an advocate for the countless benefits that this exercise program can offer individuals.… Read More