My husband George and I used to go to a couple different gyms together. We did this to stay active and recover from injuries. But we were traveling frequently and the exercise habits slowly slipped away. … Read More

When we first moved out to Arizona exactly 2 years ago, I kept telling myself we needed to find a gym right away. We lived overseas for two assignments in a row, so I was pretty excited to get back to America and find a nice gym for our entire family! In Japan, my husband and I worked out at the gym on base, and in Italy a gym is still kind of a luxury.… Read More

Member Spotlight: Her first experience at the Southwest Valley YMCA occurred during school’s fall break, Ella was enrolled in our break camp.… Read More

Rudy became a member of the Southwest Valley Family YMCA in February of this year after driving across the country from New York to Buckeye, where he and his wife Pearl are currently staying with family until their brand new home is completed in Waddell later this year.… Read More

Member Spotlight: I visited several local fitness places, including the YMCA. Most of the fitness places I visited didn’t offer the same benefits as the Y.… Read More

I recently had the opportunity to compete in our state championships here in our home pool at the Southwest Valley YMCA. Our pool has a rich history and long legacy of swimming greatness. Competing at such high level meet at home was an opportunity to continue this history and build upon our team’s legacy. … Read More