Y Member Spotlight: Lily Loui

She feels that going to classes has helped her balance and core strength. She also believes it has helped her health and lifestyle. As an example, when she walks her dog they go down by a lake and the dog will get excited and jump for fish which throws her off guard. Our strength and conditioning classes help her keep in control and keep balanced.

Some of Lily’s favorite classes include; Defend Together, Healthy Back Yoga and Core Focus Together. She enjoys Yin Yoga because it helps culminate her week with relaxation on a Friday Night. She really enjoys the people and instructors in the classes. She said once she came in late and one of the participants immediately started putting her station together for her. Lily also attends the Bollywood classes, which she brings a number of belly dance belts for people to wear and have fun. In Defend Together, there is a group of them that occasionally go out for “rehydration” afterward!

When Lily is not going to classes she is busy at home with various house projects. She likes to be outside as much as possible which includes walking her dog 3 miles a day and tending to her garden. She self-proclaims to be overly hyper. Her passion for her garden is her spot for relaxation. She also says she is a “news junkie” and listens to a lot of NPR.

Lily is a native Arizonian but has lived in Denver, Omaha, and Canada before returning to Arizona. Lily has three children and three grandchildren. She visits her grandchildren in Princeton, New Jersey and takes advantage of the Nationwide program to use the YMCA there. Some of the classes she goes there include Spanda Yoga and Vitality In Motion for the same reason-the community at her classes.
When asked what was the secret to keeping so active and healthy, Lily replied, “You need to make it part of your daily activity. Sometimes you need a partner to give you a nudge!” She also added that she eats from her garden every day.

Lily is known for her smile, fun conversation, and endless energy.

She believes the YMCA fosters the community that she embraces with open arms.

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